Jake Paul awarded ‘World title’ from World Boxing Association despite never having boxed against a boxer

Jake Paul recently visited the World Boxing Association for a meeting in Miami, Florida. He was awarded a  “title belt” by the governing organization of Boxing.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has a professional record of 6-0 after making his debut in 2020. Instead of actual boxers, his six opponents have been a combination of YouTube sensations, basketball players, and MMA superstars beyond their prime.

When a video of Paul being awarded a world championship on stage with Bernard Hopkins and WBA president Gilberto Mendoza surfaced, boxing fans were furious.

Even Paul felt embarrassed and made an effort to return the award by confessing that he hadn’t yet earned it. Finally, he said that he would use it as inspiration.

Paul held out the belt and remarked,

“I”m honored. For real, this means a lot. I feel like I haven’t earned this yet, though. I feel like I have to actually fight for this. I don’t know, I don’t know. Thank you. I feel like you guys should hold this until I’m actually fighting for a WBA Championship. I don’t know.”

Paul was jokingly challenged to a boxing match by Hopkins, who said that he could “accommodate him very nicely” if he were interested in a match for the WBA championship.

In preparation for his comeback to boxing next year, Jake Paul savagely knocked down fellow social media sensation Deestroying on Thursday during a training session in Puerto Rico.

Following the sparring with Deestroying, Paul’s coach BJ Flores posted a series of videos on his Instagram account.

He captioned it: “Credit, he rolled up today in Puerto Rico, challenged the Problem Child Jake Paul, did his thing, did what he had to do, but what happened in there Dee?”

Deestroying responded,

“He hit me with a couple body shots. Bro, I couldn’t breath. I really thought about what I did, my decision to step in the ring, he’s a real boxer. Heavy a** handed, he’s not even trying.”

“First, he catches me across the head, bopped me. Then right there split my guard, smacked me right in the body, laid me out. I couldn’t breath. That boy said I had 22 seconds left, I’m good on that.”

“His hands are so heavy and he doesn’t even look like he’s trying. They told me to go at my pace because he would match my pace. That boy tagged me in the face, tagged me in the sternum, I couldn’t breath.”

“A minute and 38 seconds is all it took. The first minute he wasn’t even [throwing punches]. All y’all boys talking s*** that Jake Paul ain’t a boxer, this m*********er is legit.”