Jake Paul addresses McGregor’s flop comment and blasts him for ‘Cheating On Wife’

Conor McGregor was one of the topics that came up during Jake Paul’s guest spot on The MMA Hour on Monday. Paul said that before a rematch with McGregor could take place, the Irishman would have to resume training. Once it did, they would likely each earn $75–100 million.

Paul’s comments were mocked by McGregor. He called the YouTuber a “nobody” in response.

McGregor said: “You are a flop, kid. A nobody.”

What McGregor is referencing here is the fact that Woodley Paul II didn’t do well in PPV buys. In fact one of the PPV routes got just 65k PPV Buys. But it’s likely the total number of PPVs sold exceeds the amount.

On Tuesday, Paul responded to McGregor on Twitter. Paul said:

“Conor, Conor, Conor, you’re more active on Twitter than you are in the Octagon. Stop taking trenbolone and start taking fights. You’re more actively cheating on your wife than you are in the Octagon.”

“Your priorities are mixed up. Put down the bottle and get back to fighting. You haven’t won a fight in five fucking years, and the last time you did was against Cowboy Cerrone, who hasn’t won a fight against anyone since fighting you.”

“‘I’m a nobody,’ you say in this tweet. Oh, yeah, you’re right. I’m just a fuckin’ kid from Ohio, really, and I’m a nobody. This is where you fought your sixth fight.”

“There’s literally two people in the crowd. And this is where I’m gonna be fighting my sixth fight. Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of boxing, August 6th. I know you’ll be watching, kiddo.”

“Here’s another fun fact. In your 18th fight, you made $150,000. In my fifth fight, I made $15 million. You want to talk about pay-per-view buys?”

“Nate Robinson, 1.8 million; Ben Askren, 500,000; Tyron Woodley 1, 500,000; Tyron Woodley 2, no one even wanted to see that fight, and we got 200,000 pay-per-view buys. In the last five years, you’ve had 0 pay-per-view buys because you don’t fuckin’ fight.”

“You have a lot to say about me but I’m sharing millions of dollars with underpaid fighters while you’re sharing hookers with Dana White. Oops. Sorry, Conor. I know your PR team is trying to hide that video.”

To be clear, McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 in 2020. The match had well over a million buys, according to reports. Additionally, McGregor lost both times with Poirier in his sequel and trilogy matches at UFC 257 and UFC 264. However, the matches generated even better ratings.

Paul would conclude by firing off a few parting shots at McGregor that were packed with instructions and cautions. Additionally, he told McGregor that among the two of them, just one is their own boss in terms of the game.

Paul added: “You shouldn’t have fucked with me, Conor. This is my game. There’s a new king in town. I’m running shit now.”

“Last year, when I won knockout of the year, you were just getting knocked out. Fix your calcium deficiency, not breaking your bones, and let’s get in the fuckin’ ring and make $200 million.”

“Conor, no matter how you slice it, we’re just not on the same level. I’m my own boss. Yeah, you made $100 million when you fought Floyd, but Dana took half of it. So no matter what you do or what you make, cut that shit in half.

“If we went net worth for net worth, I would shit on you, Conor. Put the bottle down, get off of Twitter, get back in the ring, and shut the fuck up or I’m gonna put you back on a leash. Fuck you, Conor.”

After sustaining leg fractures in his UFC 264 match against Dustin Poirier, there is still no firm comeback date announced for Conor McGregor. According to the most recent rumors, he may make a comeback at the start of 2023.