Jake Paul admits he is “scared” of Mike Tyson despite predicting win

Jake Paul reveals his apprehension towards facing Mike Tyson in their upcoming boxing match, acknowledging his opponent’s formidable reputation. Despite his doubts, Paul remains confident in his ability to seize victory.

Amidst anticipation and speculation, the clash between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson looms closer. It has been scheduled to take place in July in Dallas, Texas. Set to be broadcasted live on Netflix, this exhibition match has stirred considerable excitement among fans.

Jake has consistently emphasized his youth over Tyson’s experience, saying he has a good chance of defeating the former Heavyweight Champion since the bout was announced.

The former YouTuber who is now a boxer has also said that he isn’t afraid of Mike’s strength, asserting that he has an iron chin. However, it seems like that has now changed as he said that he is now a “little scared” of his adversary.

During a recent episode on his podcast, Paul stated: “I don’t get why people… it’s very 50/50 but, to the people that don’t think I’m going to win, I’m younger, faster, sharper, and can hit at the same levels that he can and be able to take his punches.”

“Like, I’m a little scared because it is Mike Tyson and when I look across the ring I’m just going to have a ‘wow’ moment that I’m about to fight Mike Tyson.”

Jake has plenty of time to get ready for his match with Tyson since the event is scheduled for July, but he has an MVP event at the end of April that takes place before that.

It’s unclear whether he will compete on that show or if his stable of boxers will be the major attraction.

Additionally, he has caught the interest of professional boxer and former UFC competitor Clay Collard who claims he wants to “kick his a*s.” It seems like Jake thus has a lot on his plate.