Jake Gyllenhaal says his ‘whole arm swelled up’ after he contracted a staph infection filming with McGregor

Hollywood icon Jake Gyllenhaal recently shared his harrowing experience of battling a staph infection after filming an action sequence for his upcoming movie, ‘Road House’.

During a candid conversation with Conor McGregor on the Armchair Expert podcast, Gyllenhaal disclosed how he might have contracted a potentially fatal staph infection. He recounted accidentally cutting his hand on a piece of glass while executing a scene, expressing concerns about the open wound potentially exposing him to bacteria.

Gyllenhaal told the podcast host that Road House’s staff made sure his wounds were appropriately cared for when he was filming the movie.

Reflecting on the incident, Gyllenhaal vividly described the moment of injury. He said: “I felt the glass going in my hand. I remember the feeling [and] went, ‘That’s a lot of glass.'”

The actor sustained numerous injuries during the film’s shoot. He then disclosed to McGregor that he was not sure which of his wounds caused the infection.

Gyllenhaal continued: “I thought it came from, remember that scene where you come with a piece of wood? I grabbed your arm and I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I’m injured.’ But my whole arm swelled up. It ended up being staph.”

“Gratefully, I was really, really trying to take care of everything that we did and my body while we were doing it. I didn’t sustain any major injuries.”

The Academy Award-nominated actor said that he did not have any further injuries while filming the movie.

Road House is a contemporary adaptation of the 1989 classic featuring Patrick Swayze. It revolves around a former UFC competitor’s transition to a bouncer role in a Florida Keys roadhouse. Alongside Gyllenhaal, the film stars talents like Daniela Melchior, Lukas Gage, and Post Malone.

Having premiered at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Road House garnered favorable reviews. It has a 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Anticipation mounts as the movie gears up for its debut on Amazon Prime Video this Thursday.