It’s official: KSI takes on Tommy Fury at Misfits x DAZN Series 009

After months of negotiations, the much-awaited showdown between KSI and Tommy Fury is now officially confirmed. The match is scheduled for October 14, and fans can witness this thrilling clash on the Misfits x DAZN Series 009 card.

Since Jake Paul’s defeat to Fury earlier in 2023, British YouTube sensation KSI has been eagerly eyeing a match with the professional boxer. Determined to prove himself as the best influencer boxer, KSI has longed for a chance to redeem himself in the ring.

However, the contract negotiations proved to be a challenging ordeal with both parties constantly engaging in back-and-forth discussions. The tension escalated until KSI issued a final ultimatum to Tommy Fury, setting a deadline for him to sign the contract.

KSI expressed his feeling of being “disrespected” during the negotiations and was unwilling to continue the talks indefinitely.

Misfits president Mams Taylor teased fans with the announcement of the Series 009 card on July 22. The promotional image featured the iconic ‘X’ logo split into four parts. KSI’s famous bandana was prominently displayed in the top-left corner, while the opposite corner bore the words ‘FURY’ written in fire.

The much-anticipated bout between KSI and Tommy Fury was officially announced in a tweet on July 30.

KSI expressed his confidence, stating in a tweet: “OCTOBER 14TH, I’m doing what Jake Paul couldn’t and beating Tommy Fury on the biggest night in crossover boxing history, at Manchester’s AO Arena, live on DAZN PPV on the PRIME CARD!”

Series 009 is set to become the largest influencer boxing event to date, promising an exciting night of action and entertainment. On the “Prime card,” fans can look forward to the return of Logan Paul to the ring.

While it remains uncertain who Logan Paul’s opponent will be, fans are eagerly speculating that Dillon Danis might be the one stepping into the ring with the YouTube sensation. After the UFC star publicly urged DAZN to “send the contract” for a bout with Logan in 2022, fans are speculating about this potential match-up.