Israel Adesanya refutes claims about his sexuality after Paulo Costa calls him out again

Following his historic victory at UFC 287, Israel Adesanya has been enjoying his win. However, it seems like Adesanya has found himself engaging in a heated rivalry with Paulo Costa again.

Adesanya previously faced Paulo Costa at UFC 253. He was able to defeat Costa after a thrilling back-and-forth and ended the match by KO/TKO. However, Adesanya continued to tease Costa by making rude gestures to his grounded opponent. Paulo was not aware of this right away after the match, but he has been upset ever since.

Since his defeat, Costa has been mocking Adesanya on social media and making derogatory comments about his appearance. He also took a jab at Israel’s painted nails, which the middleweight champion has been flaunting for some time.

After UFC 287, Costa made a tweet where he made fun of Adesanya for hugging Alex Pereira backstage. Adesanya responded to the post by commenting: “I’d jizzapprove…but I legit do give the best hugs. I’m skinny but cuddly af”.

Adesanya’s sexuality has been a subject of speculation and trolling for a long time. Now he has finally responded to Costa in a recent video he uploaded on Twitter.


Adesanya has become a popular figure in the MMA world, thanks to his impressive performances in the octagon, but his flamboyant style and appearance have also made him a target for criticism and speculation about his sexuality.

Adesanya previously posted a trolling video online, which showed him grazing the torso of a young lady at a public event.

The video then showed Adesanya showing off his nails and sending some ‘all over the place’ signals. The video was widely criticized for being a clear example of queerbaiting, a marketing technique in which creators hint at, but do not actually depict, same-sex romance.

Adesanya’s appearance and personality have led to speculation about his sexuality for some time. The MMA champion is often seen sporting an unusually long set of manicured nails, which have been a topic of controversy in the past. Fellow UFC middleweight, Sean Strickland once called out Adesanya’s love of anime, leading to rumors about Adesanya’s proclivities.


Adesanya himself put an end to the speculation some months back by sharing an Instagram story of himself in which he made it clear that he is not gay. However, fans continue to speculate about Adesanya’s sexuality