Israel Adesanya infuriated that someone licensed a Transgender Woman to have an MMA bout against a Man

One of the most active UFC athletes on social media is Israel Adesanya. Adesanya is notorious for posting memes and trolling everyone who catches his eye.

Adesanya is also quite outspoken when it comes to expressing his genuine views. He’s even poked fun at himself at times and has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

He recently expressed his disapproval of a match in which a transgender woman was pitted against a male on social media. Adesanya posted the battle on Twitter along with his commentary.

The post said: “This just feels weird. Who sanctioned this? Why are we allowing this??”

In June 2022, Shane Mistretta and Gita Figueroa duked it out during a card fromt he WCFL promotion.

Gita-Marie Figueroa is a trans MMA athlete out of Florida but unlike other trans athletes – Gita-Marie chooses to compete against her biological gender. This is very different from the views of her fellow combat sports athletes Fallon Fox and Alana McLaughlin which both believe that that competing against men would be transphobic.

McLaughlin was quoted saying:

“I’ve had probably four or five different uh trans fighters now, like, trans women fighters who, I mean honestly, I can’t really take most of them seriously because they you know they haven’t gone and gotten a pro card. ”

“They haven’t like fought serious fights but they’re like: “Oh well we’re doing the right thing by fighting men because we know that, you know, we’re always going to be better than real Women,”.

“You know like they’re disrespecting themselves and they’re disrespecting cis women fighters because I guarantee you, like, like, the one girl she lost a tough man fight. “

World Boxing Council recently made news after their yearly convention yielded similar results. In a discussion of trans athletes it was deemed that it was unfair of both Men and Women to compete against trans individuals – to quote:

So, a transgender woman combatant may have an unfair advantage over her cisgender woman combatant.’

a cisgender male combatant may have an unfair advantage over his transgender male combatant.’