IShowSpeed calls for help from Manny Pacquiao before KSI ‘sparring match’

YouTube sensation IShowSpeed is getting ready to spar against KSI. He is turning to legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao for assistance in his preparations.

In a surprising turn of events on November 28, IShowSpeed publicly challenged KSI to a sparring session. The British YouTube star accepted the challenge. However, KSI added a condition to the agreement.

KSI proposed the match to coincide with Jake Paul’s return to the ring, aiming to divert attention.

Therefore, the showdown between IShowSpeed and KSI is scheduled to unfold on December 16. It will take place precisely at the same time as Jake Paul’s face-off against Andre August in Orlando, Florida.

With the event details solidified, IShowSpeed is gearing up to “kick KSI’s a*s.” Additionally, the 18-year-old YouTuber is seeking aid from none other than the revered boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

During a live stream on November 29, IShowSpeed articulated his intentions to engage in rigorous training before facing off against KSI.

He said: “The best boxer of all time follows me bro. I’m about to text him, a matter-of-fact chat, I’m about to text him. I’m about to text him, right now, because, why not? The best boxer of all time. I’m about to ask him for training.”

He enthusiastically disclosed that Manny Pacquiao follows him on Instagram. He is an iconic figure holding the record for the most boxing titles across various weight classes in boxing history.

Speed said: “If you do not know who Manny Pacquiao is you are a dumb motherf**ker. The best boxer of all time in my eyes. Better than Floyd Mayweather in my eyes.”

The YouTuber first messaged the Filipino boxing legend earlier this year. While he was unaware of it at the time, he received a response in October.

Speed stated: “No way I left him on seen, I didn’t even know he f**king text me back. Chat, he texted me back, so it’s over. It’s over. No way I left him on seen for one month, that’s actually bad, that’s terrible.”

After that, Speed wrote to tell how much he would want to meet the boxing legend. But fans will have to eagerly wait to see whether the two will indeed get together for a training session.