Iranian Hulk sets date for boxing debut – accepts to face Kazakh Titan

The Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi is once again officially announcing he will be making his boxing debut. He will be facing Kazakh strongman Almat Bakhytovich in a heavyweight boxing match.

Sajad Gharibi gained popularity through social media for his huge body and superb vibe – feats that later proved possibly fradulent. This popularity led to an agreed upon boxing match against fellow giant Martyn Ford – which was postponed and then canceled.

Despite his demeanor, there is still someone who wants to box Sajad Gharibi. An influencer from Kazakhstan named Almat Bakhytovich showed his interest to exchange blows with Gharibi repeatedly hoping to get some clout out of the ordeal.

Bakhytovich has been calling out Gharibi ever since his match with Ford was canceled. He claims to be a master in MMA and possesses a great skill set in Sambo. He also claims to possess incredible strength, being able to bench press 150kg and deadlift 300kg.

Bakhytovich even uploaded a video of him punching and throwing a doll with Gharibi’s face attached on it.

“Sajad, I am waiting for a contract. I am a master at MMA and master at combat sambo. Let’s fight Sajad, let’s fight. Not you Hulk, you Sajad. Let’s fight.” Bakhytovich said in the video.

His only drawback is the fact that he is not as popular as Gharibi. Bakhytovich only has around 24,000 followers on Instagram. The pair agreed to exchange blows on July 31 at the P7 Arena in the Media One Hotel in Dubai.

The event will be co-promoted by British outfit Wicked ‘N’ Bad, who used to arrange boxing fights for celebrities and stars in the past, such as Youtube star Ryan Taylor and his controversial bout.

Bakhytovich previously attempted a stunt on tv in which he was to pull an aeroplane – but the stunt predictably failed. Gharibi may have met his match in this not so gentle giant.

As for Ford – he’s rumored to be in negotiations to box Thor Bjornsson still and with no debut in sight.