Instant Karma: Racist picks on Black martial artist, it goes horribly awry

A racist man got his behind handed to him after he mistreated a Black mixed martial artist, calling him and his family with racist slurs while trying to run them off the road.

The incident occurred in Seminole, Florida, when both parties were driving their cars alongside one another. The person yelling racial slurs taunted the black family for a mile and a half and then ran away by speeding up his car.

The man was found to be a Florida resident named Jordan Patrick Leahy. The victim was only identified by his initials, J.T.  J.T. was determined to capture the car’s license plate. According to a court document, J.T approached him at a red signal where Leahy got out of his car and attempted an attack on J.T again with racial slurs and words like “F*ck You.”.

At that moment, Leahy was unaware that the person he came across was an MMA pro. Leahy tried to punch the martial artist, who avoided it and instead hit Leahy with two strikes. J.T put him into a chokehold, where he passed out in a moment. J.T detained him until Police arrived.

Leahy should’ve probably have kept his biased remarks to himself but as soon as he regained consciousness he was back at it.

When the Police arrived, he again started making problematic remarks and called back to segregation asking Black people be kept in their areas.

Leahy was already convicted of a hate crime earlier this month by a federal Jury in Tampa. He might face a 10-year jail, including three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000. The US Justice Department gave his remarks,

“Should send a strong message to those who want to use violence to enforce heinous racist beliefs.”

“No one should be targeted, threatened, intimidated or assaulted because of their race,” said U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg.

“The defendant in this case acted upon his bigoted beliefs and put an entire family and others’ safety at risk. We and our local, state and federal law enforcement partners will not tolerate such behaviors in our community.”