Insane Tornado Kick Lands Flush On Fighter’s Head In Epic Muay Thai Brawl

The insane exchange from the Muay Thai bout between Padeksuk and Mohamed Mohabde at Fairtex Fight Promotion has everyone talking.

Padeksuk started the fight aggressively and successfully landed a big overhand right that sent his Moroccan opponent to the canvas. Mohabde beat the count and continue the fight only to get dropped again with another right hand.

Feeling the urge to show the referee more, Mohabde then performed the outstanding tornado kick that no one saw coming, knocking Padeksuk out on his feet and signaling he might pull off a comeback for the ages.

To everyone’s surprise, Padeksuk got up fast after the brutal kick landed and managed to survive the round with wobbly legs.

Round ending gave him enough time to recovered. Padeksuk started another round with pressure on Mohabde and dropped him again within the first minute of the second round. Mohabde then beat the count again and Padeksuk dropped him again for the fourth time with an overhand right that prompted the referee to stop the fight.

Referee’s decision to stop the fight met with protest from Mohabde who thought he could go on. To his credit, Mohabde showed an exceptional heart surviving those aggressive assaults while still wanting to keep on fighting. Do you agree with the referee’s decision? Or do you think the fight could still go on?