Hulk Hogan rescued a teen girl from a flipped upside-down car on the highway

At just 17 years old, imagine the sheer terror of experiencing a car accident where your vehicle flips over on its top.

Now picture this scenario: you find yourself inside the overturned car, disoriented. Then suddenly, the legendary Hulk Hogan arrives to lend a helping hand. This incredible incident unfolded on a Sunday night on a highway in the Tampa/Clearwater area of Florida.


According to TMZ, a car swerved across lanes in an attempt to catch an exit it was about to miss. In the process, it clipped another car which caused it to flip over and tumble. Surprisingly, this entire incident occurred right in front of Hulk Hogan’s vehicle.

Hogan at that time was accompanied by his friend Jake. They immediately stopped to assist the 17-year-old girl trapped in the wreckage. Jake is a Marine and he skillfully popped the car’s airbag, facilitating the girl’s exit.

Hulk Hogan’s wife Sky, shared the incident on social media, expressing admiration for her husband and Jake’s prompt action. She noted that despite the intense crash, the girl appeared unscathed but understandably rattled.

She wrote on social media: “Last night, after we left dinner in Tampa, we saw a car flip in front of us! I truly admire my husband @hulkhogan and our good buddy @jakerask for springing into action, puncturing the girls airbag, and getting her quickly out of the car. By all appearances, she was unscathed, just really rattled, which is an absolute miracle!”

Hulk Hogan and his wife tied the knot in September at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church. The two got married after becoming engaged in July.

A close friend shared insights into Hogan’s newfound happiness, describing him as the happiest he’s ever been.

The friend told Daily Mail: “Sky changed his life. He is the happiest he’s ever been – literally over the moon. If a guy like Hulk could glow, then he’d be glowing. It was a low key wedding. Neither of them wanted over the top, just a small affair with their nearest and dearest to declare their deep love and commitment to each other. Sadly Brooke did not show up.”

However, there was one notable absence at the wedding – Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke. In an Instagram post, she explained her decision.

“For my own journey to healing and happiness, I have chosen to create some distance between myself and my family, and am focusing on people and things that heal my heart and align with my own personal beliefs, goals and values. I wish him well.”