Highlights! Sean O’Malley Starches Raulian Paiva

Sean O’Malley aced the biggest test of his career – well the biggest test post Chito Vera defeat anyway. O’Malley delivered a spectacular performance against Team Alpha Male’s Raulian Paiva. Paiva was the more experienced fighter on paper (21-3). What the commentary team failed to mention is that Paiva is 2-3 in the UFC and is finding his feet, sort of speak.

Paiva was outclassed from the very start. O’Malley came out strong repeatedly throwing the front body kick. But very early on one of those front kicks grazed the groin of Paiva causing the action to pause for a brief moment.

Right after the break, O’Malley went on to back up Paiva to the fence and teed off on him.