UFC 285 Video Highlights: Jon Jones submits Cyril Gane with a guillotine

Jon Jones, widely regarded as one of the greatest in mixed martial arts history, returned to the octagon after a three-year hiatus and took the UFC heavyweight title by storm at UFC 285 in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday night.

The match saw Jones facing off against French heavyweight Ciryl Gane, who was once an interim heavyweight champion. Although Gane had the movement and skills to keep big men guessing, Jones proved to be too much for him. In the end, Jones answered all questions and silenced all doubters in mere minutes by submitting Gane with a deep guillotine choke.

After an early low blow on Jones, the action engaged in a short-lived feeling-out process before Jones took control by shooting for a takedown and successfully bringing the action down to the mat. Jones quickly locked in the deep guillotine choke, and Gane barely seemed to know what had happened.


With his win over Gane, Jones became the UFC heavyweight champion after three years away from the sport. In his octagon interview with Joe Rogan, Jones expressed how he felt stronger and more comfortable than ever, especially on the ground. Jones revealed that his wrestling experience since he was twelve years old had helped him take control of the match.


Although many consider Jones as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, Jones is not ready to call it a career just yet. In fact, Jones has his eyes set on Stipe Miocic, widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Jones expressed his interest in a heavyweight match-up with Miocic, saying, “Y’all want to see me beat up Stipe? You’re the greatest heavyweight of all-time, and I want you real bad.”

While many will put a lot of focus on the finish, with Gane failing to put up much resistance, it won’t change the fact that Jon Jones has now claimed the UFC heavyweight championship, proving that the time away and move up in weight was no obstacle. The stage is now set for an electrifying heavyweight match-up between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones.

Jon Jones has shown that he still has what it takes to be a dominant force in the UFC, even after a long hiatus from the sport. With his latest victory, Jones has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division. The future looks bright for Jones, and it will be exciting to see him square off against Miocic in the coming months.