Highlights! Canelo Alvarez beats GGG to settle their rivalry once and for all

By beating Gennady Golovkin by majority decision and holding onto the super middleweight championships of the WBC, IBF, WBO, and WBA, Saul Canelo Alvarez asserted his dominance in the boxing world.

Canelo put his hand up for victory, bringing an extraordinary completion to the Mexican Independence weekend in Las Vegas. Alvarez defeated his opponent convincingly, leaving little room for questions, and solidifying his position as one of the finest boxers in the world even if he did not win by knockout.

The match did not go as planned. Fans had envisioned a brief encounter similar to the second match between these two gladiators, but Canelo was the only boxer to ‘show up’.

Contrary to popular belief, the opening round was measured contest with the two sizing each other up. The Mexican started to use every tool in his box after the second round, throwing both right and left hands and landing the hook to the liver multiple times.

Golovkin seemed to be sleepy, lacked speed, looked extremely sluggish, and did not fire any combinations. The fans were disappointed with him since he made a vow to go for the knockout but gave little opposition.

Canelo thought he would win the boxing bout and did not take many chances as the rounds went by. Golovkin’s remarkable resilience stopped the Mexican from ending the match with a knockout, which was what was missing.

In an interview, Alvarez mentioned:

β€œIt happens in our sports. Everybody can lose you just never know. I think he was winning and it was just one point that changed everything but he is still a great”

Canelo was declared the winner by the judges after a 12-round battle, albeit not by as wide a margin as the crowd thought. Scores were 116-112, 115-113, 115-113, and 115-113.