Headbutt leading to the finish leads to Bobby Green vs. Jared Gordon declared a No contest

The UFC returned to the UFC Apex on Saturday for UFC Vegas 71, and while some fans were disappointed by the lack of star power, Bobby Green vs. Jared Gordon was a highly anticipated bout that did not disappoint. In the end, however, the bout was ruled a No Contest due to an accidental clash of heads that led to Gordon being finished in the first round.

Bobby Green came out strong in the first round, leading the dance with his punches. Jared Gordon circled on the outside, but was game and got his own shots in. However, an accidental clash of heads set up the finish. Green was looking to land an elbow when he crashed into Gordon head first, sending him down to the ground.

Green immediately followed up with ground n’ pound, and it appeared he had secured a TKO finish. The ring announcer, Joe Martinez, even started announcing the result before officials pulled him back to review the finishing sequence. After reviewing the footage, the bout was ruled a No Contest due to the accidental headbutt that led to Gordon’s finish.

While the decision was ultimately correct, it was likely little consolation to Green, who had a momentary TKO victory. The lightweights, however, showed respect for each other by kneeling opposite each other after the bout.

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