Hasim Rahman Jr tries to dodge blame for cancellation, claims he offered to box for $5,000

Internet celebrity turned boxer Jake Paul is having a hard time for the first time in his boxing career. ‘The Problem Child’ was planning to have his 6th outing in August. Unfortunately, he is already overwhelmed before even stepping inside the squared circle.

Jake Paul was supposed to clash with Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury for his 6th professional boxing match. However, due to visa issues, Tommy Fury wasn’t allowed to enter the US.

Hence, former sparring partner, Hasim Rahman Jr stepped in on short notice. They were supposed to exchange blows on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York. But Rahman Jr soon claimed he was unable to make weight despite having plenty of time.

Jake Paul had to cancel his boxing bout against Hasim Rahman Jr following Rahman’s unsuccesful attempts to move the bout up two weight divisions.

“MVP and Jake Paul will not reward someone that has conducted themselves in such a deceiving and calculated manner,” the statement read.

“Therefore, MVP is left with no choice but to cancel the August 6th event. This forced outcome impacts Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano and every other fighter on this card who have trained tirelessly over the past few months for this event. The boxing community must hold Hasim Rahman Jr. liable for his lack of professionalism.”

Rahman signed the deal to compete at 200 pounds on July 5. However, during the weigh in session last Friday, Rahman lost less than a pound.

According to Paul, he was willing to go up a weight class to 205 – but was unwilling to go to 215 lbs and subsequently cancelled the event.

Hasim Rahman Jr shared a clarification video. In said video, he explained how his body is simply not made for 200 pounds.


“Let me go ahead and kill all this internet cap Jake Paul has got going on for you all. I’m a bridgerweight, I campaign at bridgerweight, otherwise known as heavyweight outside the WBC”

“I signed the contract to make 200lb within the three-and-a-half weeks I had to do it but I couldn’t do it, my body simply would not let me do it, it would not let me get to 200lb.” Rahman said.

He then continued to say how it’s ridiculous for Jake to cancel with just a week’s notice. He also willing to be paid $5000 for a chance to knock out Jake Paul.

Meanwhile Dana White shaded the terrible twosome and speculated that the real reason for the cancellation was being unable to break even at Madison Square Garden – an extraordinarily expensive venue.