Hasbulla out on House arrest following road incident in Dagestan

Social media influencer Hasbulla Magomedov has recently made headlines after being arrested for his involvement in a traffic violation incident that occurred in Dagestan. As a result of the incident, the influencer was placed under house arrest in his native country.

What Happened During the Incident

Videos of the incident show a group of Hasbulla’s friends speeding on a Russian public street, which led to their arrest. Hasbulla was not driving any of the cars involved in the incident but was rather in the co-pilot seat.

The influencer later took to his official Twitter account to apologize for his actions, saying, “We decided to hype it up a bit…this will not happen again, we apologize. We played around a bit and had to answer for it. It wasn’t my car, and I wasn’t behind the wheel.”

Hasbulla’s Appearance

Before jumping to conclusions about Hasbulla, it’s important to note that he may look like a child due to a condition he was born with. Hasbulla has a condition that prevents him from producing growth hormone, which means that he will look like a child for his entire life.

Despite his appearance, he is an 20-year-old young adult who is known for his love of fast cars, pro sports, and hype sneakers.

House Arrest

Hasbulla delighted his fanbase posting a picture from the privacy of his own home clad in UFC merch head to toe.

“Bailed out on house arrest” – the young influencer explained.

Hasbulla has his own UFC merch at the store – and the prices are obscene. A while ago Dana White explained that Hasbulla is actually a marketing behemoth with his shirt collaboration with Nelk selling more than $500,000,

“This is how powerful Hasbulla is. Nelk boys went out to Russia. They did all this cool s**it with him. And he said, let’s make a Hasbulla Full send t shirt. That T-shirt. They did. They sold like $500,000 worth of Hasbulla T-shirts. In like 48 hours, something ridiculous like that. And they gave him half the money for the stuff. So we did a deal with Hasbulla”

In an attempt to court the younger audience and go viral, UFC signed Hasbulla to promote the events. Hasbulla merch has been outrageously priced from the get go but some fans learned that UFC is taking the schtick quite far when it comes to pricing Hasbulla signed items.

Hasbulla signed replica belt is priced at the staggering $399.99 plus shipping.