Hafthor Bjornsson lashes out at Eddie Hall during press confrence over Mom insults

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall are doing their best to keep the crowds interested in their upcoming boxing match. The two are set to meet March 19th in Dubai in a boxing ring and settle the score once and for all.

Much like their face offs, the press conference was also very contentious with both of them getting out of their seats and eager to confront each other.

The rivalry will be settled soon enough – in the mean time Hafthor Bjornsson would prefer his mum stay out of it.

“Don’t ever f****** talk about my mother, you f****** a******,” he said.

“Let’s f****** go right now,” Hall shouted. “Let’s step up and do it. You want to go now? Because I don’t give a f*** about the money.”

Hall could be heard saying ‘you’re a scared little boy’. Hall’s son attended the event and when brought up Hall diffused the situation saying:

“My son doesn’t care. He thinks you’re a f****** kn******.”

Prior to the press conference the two had a conflict during the face off and had to be separated.