Greg Hardy gets viciously beaten by Sergey Spivak in round 1

UFC 272 started out with a fast knockout in a heavyweight showdown.

The always dangerous heavyweight Sergey Spivak faced Greg hardy in the opening fight of UFC 272’s main card.

The fight was competitive. Hardy looked significantly bigger than his opponent, but during the fight, Hardy’s size didn’t matter at all.

Spivak was able to physically handle Hardy with apparent ease. During the fight, the Moldovan repeatedly took Hardy down without much resistance from the American fighter.

After getting Hardy on the ground, Spivak was able to mount him and land vicious ground and pound that made the referee step in to stop the fight.

The blows were so hard that Greg Hardy appeared confused when he saw that the medics were treating him.

Hardy’s UFC career has been disappointing, to say the least. He is now in a three-fight losing streak and holds four wins, five losses, and one no contest as his UFc record. Given that that was Hardy’s last fight on his UFC contract, many wonder if the UFC is finally ready to move on from their controversial Heavyweight star.