Gina Carano claims she’s among the hardest punchers of all time in WMMA

Former MMA sensation Gina Carano recently shared interesting insights during her appearance on the PBD Podcast. The focal point of discussion was a prospective clash with the renowned former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

Gina Carano last competed professionally in mixed martial arts back in 2009. During her podcast appearance, Carano revealed that UFC president Dana White extended a compelling invitation for her to join the promotion as its first female competitor.

She said: “Me and Dana [White] had a conversation right before I fought Cyborg, Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta had me into their office and basically they were like ‘we’d like you to come over and be our company’s first female fighter. I just couldn’t do that because I had my promises and my contract to Strikeforce.”

Despite the enticing offer from UFC, Carano opted to remain loyal to her commitments with Strikeforce. She cited existing promises and contractual obligations as the primary reasons behind her decision to decline the opportunity.

The conversation naturally gravitated towards the hypothetical match between Carano and Rousey. However, the matchup never materialized.

Reflecting on the potential showdown, Carano expressed unwavering confidence in her abilities. She asserted that her formidable punching power would have been a significant asset in the bout. While acknowledging Rousey’s skills  on the ground, Carano emphasized her own agility and scrambling skills.

Carano said: “I do, absolutely [believe I would have won]. Because I pack a hell of a punch. I know how she punches. I punch like a trucker. [She would have the edge] on the ground obviously but I’m scramble.”

“It’s no disrespect and I’m sure she would say the same thing that she would win, but that’s just something I know. After you’ve been punched like that, she got shook twice [by] Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm, I’m one of the hardest punchers that women’s mixed martial arts has ever seen.”

Carano’s remarks showed her mutual respect for Rousey. She highlighted that both of them would likely approach the hypothetical contest with confidence in their respective strengths.