Georges St-Pierre slaps Wonderboy in a video mocking Will Smith’s infamous viral moment

UFC Veteran Georges St-Pierre recently enlisted the help of his friend Stephen Thompson with mocking Will Smith and the recent Academy Awards incident.

During the event, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock because Rock joked about his wife’s hair which is absent due to a medical condition. Smith then walked up the stage and infamously slapped Rock. The incident happened during a live television broadcast and was aired all around the Globe.

Many UFC athletes have given their take on the gesture including analyst Dan Hardy who believes it is a conspiracy. The two-division champion Georges St-Pierre chose to make fun of the incident. GSP made a skit with Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thomson while the two were backstage for Karate Combat.

Stephen Thomson approached GSP and talked about his haircut. GSP then laughed and hilariously slapped Thomson, mimicking what happened during the awards yesterday.

“Hey guys, did you all see the Oscars last night? Well I thought if they would give out a little award for the worst haircut, it would definitely go to you GSP.” Said Stephen Thomson as they all laughed.


Previously, St-Pierre also talked about Will Smith’s strike during his appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. The 40-year-old Canadian hilariously analyzed Smith’s strike. He also gave his opinion regarding the slap from the eyes of a professional mixed martial artist.

“I think it was a very fast slap that he threw. But I think Chris Rock has a hell of a chin. I think I am more impressed by Chris Rock. I am more impressed by Rock’s performance than Will Smith. And I wrote to Dana [White] on Instagram. I said, ‘Dana, you should make a special UFC card with a celebrity. I guarantee that you would make a ton of money with this. Because the sport now has shifted to a different thing, now it’s more about entertainment.” St-Pierre said.