Francis Ngannou targeting Tyson Fury boxing date this Summer, confirms he’s in talks with Fury

Francis Ngannou just left UFC as the first champion to leave the promotion since BJ Penn more than a decade ago. While UFC president Dana White tried to portray the move as an attempt to ‘find lesser opponents’, it appears to be anything but that.

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury re-affirmed his interest into making the Ngannou exhibition happen however Fury expressed interest for a 4oz hybrid boxing rules match as opposed to traditional boxing. This ‘exhibition’ is the stupidest idea of all time according to UFC veteran Chael Sonnen.

This might actually help Ngannou’s chances, as per another UFC heavyweight that’s trained with Fury before.

Ngannou just gave an interview to TMZ in which he confirmed that he indeed is talking to Fury’s representatives and that a match is in the works:

“I’ve talked to somebody. Some of [Fury’s] advisors, but they’re working on a fight with Usyk in April. So, until then, he will not be free, but I’m trying to see if we can have an agreement before that fight,” Ngannou explained.

That will also give me some time to prepare for a boxing fight. I have no problem with that timeline. I hope will be sometime in June, July, which is doable. Let’s see. I think it’s too early to make a conclusion. It’s too early to say anything about it but it’s definitely something that we’re looking into.”

This mirrors what Fury said during a recent interview. Fury said he’s only interested in Ngannou and Usyk – and dismissed Anthony Joshua from the equation.

Fury isn’t the only interested party. Dillian Whyte expressed interest to face Ngannou in boxing and in MMA, as facilitated by Misfits Boxing.

Besides boxers, Ngannou reportedly has a lot of interest from Bellator, PFL and even Bareknuckle FC.

Considering Ngannou wanted to get into boxing before he ever tried MMA it’s not inconceivable he takes that route.