Francis Ngannou Secures Major Crypto Sponsorship

Dana White was criticizing Ngannou left and right for his ‘bad management’ but the Cameroonian has been a trailblazer in finding sponsorships to undercut UFC.

Ngannou first inked a new lucrative watch sponsorship and now he’s following that up with a crypto deal.

The sponsorship is a copromotion made possible by Cash App – mobile payment app from former Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey led group. The app is primarily a payment app however it also allows users to buy bitcoin.

Thus far the app has been promoted by a number of prominent athletes and entertainers including Megan Thee Stallion and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ngannou first made headlines saying he would take half of his purse for UFC 270 in bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is huge in Africa,” he said in a teaser tweet last Friday, before continuing: “Bitcoin is the future and I’m a believer.”

Parent company of Cash App (and Tidal) is now called Block. It is a financial services company co founded by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey is a bitcoin maximalist – Bitcoin did not start with an ICO and hence is viewed as genuinely owned by the community. Satoshi’s tens of billions worth of holdings are untouched . Other cryptocurrencies enable the founders or early coin holders to get massive financial benefit from the network’s growth. Dorsey is skeptical about this kind of structure.

Ngannou is probably the biggest crypto enthusiast among fighters. Previously Ben Askren and Rory MacDonald promoted other crypto currencies in return for payments.

In addition to Ngannou it’s worth mentioning that UFC is also in on the crypto hype having scored a $175  million deal to feature on the UFC fighter shirts without any of that money reaching the fighters. One side note in this particular deal is the option for UFC fighters to make 50% from any NFT they launch together with UFC and

Ngannou is also a trailblazer in this department having sold an $580,000 worth of NFTs following his title fight back in March. The NFT was a collaboration with the artist Bosslogic.

The limited edition “The Crowned King.” Image: Francis Ngannou/Bosslogic.