Francis Ngannou praises PFL’s “game-changing” acquisition of Bellator

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has recently expressed his thoughts on the significant acquisition of Bellator MMA by the PFL

In a recent development, PFL successfully acquired Bellator MMA from Paramount. This strategic maneuver aims to forge an MMA powerhouse that will rival the long-standing dominance of the UFC.

It should be noted that Bellator will continue to operate under its own banner and will share its roster of combatants with PFL. Also, PFL’s strategic expansion blueprint includes the establishment of a regional league headquarters in Saudi Arabia which is slated for next year.

Francis Ngannou recently left the UFC to join PFL. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his enthusiasm about the immense possibilities that lie ahead for combatants associated with PFL and Bellator.

He highlighted the revolutionary nature of this move, stating: “Game changers @PFLMMA Congratulations on a game-changing announcement in the MMA space. The opportunities for PFL & Bellator athletes under this banner are endless”


Recognized for his dominance in the UFC heavyweight division, Ngannou ventured into the realm of boxing with an impressive debut against WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury last month.

Following his bout with Fury, numerous names have emerged as potential contenders for Ngannou. This includes Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Derek Chisora. However, Ngannou seems disinclined towards a matchup against Joshua.

In a recent appearance on The Last Stand podcast, Francis Ngannou disclosed receiving texts from Eddie Hearn post his bout with Tyson Fury. Reflecting on the past, Ngannou noted that Hearn didn’t exhibit much interest when he initially parted ways with the UFC.

He mentioned, “My team received a text from Eddie [Hearn] and I think that’s all. I met Eddie when I’d just separated with the UFC and I think it wasn’t interesting for them because I never heard back until the other day, until somebody else stepped in and took all the risk, and now he’s around.”