Francis Ngannou on Boxing Tyson Fury: Definitely next year

Tyson Fury had a huge night last night. 32 year old Fury went to to toe with 32 year old Whyte – and got the upper hand sort of speak. The boxing bout between the two took place at the Wembley stadium in London.

The deciding hand during the bout appeared to be Fury’s massive reach and height advantage – Fury towered over Whyte. Whyte held his own for a while but was slowly getting worn out. In round 4 he earned a cut above his eye thanks to an accidental headbutt.

The spectacular final blow came by way of uppercut. Whyte immediately landed on his behind and was unable to get up. He initially rolled on his belly. Tried to force himself to continue however as soon as he got to his feet his feet wobbled and the ref caught him next to the fence. He ruled that Whyte was unable to continue right after.

But after the bout Fury brought out Francis Ngannou to his ESPN ring interview.

Fury started “I’m the boxing heavyweight champion, he’s the UFC heavyweight champion, he’s in great shape – look at the muscles”

Francis added: “And we wanna find out who is the baddest mother f—er on the Planet.”
Fury finished: “Excuse the language”

Later on Ngannou got the chance to talk solo about the boxing exhibition. Ngannou isn’t even free to negotiate the contract at the moment considering he’s not a free agent. Reigning UFC champion is still under contract with the organization – until December of 2022. While this might seem drastic – it’s not that much of an issue considering Ngannou is recovering from a knee surgery he underwent earlier last month. The recovery is expected to take upto 9, 10 months – if all goes according to plan.

Another caveat exists – if UFC chooses to strip Ngannou of the title in the mean time that would mean they’re actively severing his contract and at that point he’d be a free agent. UFC is reluctant to make this happen.

“But definitely sometime next year – 2023. That’s when it will happen because by the end of the of this year, we’re going to know exactly… We’re gonna sort it out and get set up. Ready to go. ”

Interviewer went on to ask: ‘Some people in a packed arena What did you think of the experience?’

“The experience was great, you know, being in a stadium like this or I heard that it was 94,000 people in this arena in this stadium, which is quite impressive for a stadium and the vibe there was so just electric…|

“Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou in Africa. That will be the best one. The Rumble in the jungle 2.””



Fury talked some more about the exhibition at the press conference afterwards.

“There’s never been a ring magazine holder in my era, not one of them. And it hasn’t been in linearly my era because all roads lead to the Gypsy King, and I was unbeatable in this game. I definitely think so. Well, I’m not ruling out I will not rule out exhibitions, for sure. Get some of that Floyd Mayweather money. You know, I want to have fun. You know, I’m an entertainer you thought tonight and I entertained is what I do best. I’m an entertainer. So I want to have a lot of fun. You know, big Francis Ngannou, who was here today. He’s on my hit list. In an exhibition fight. However he wants, in a cage in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves. We can make it up. I think everyone says it is a monster of a guy. I’m a monster of a guy. So it’ll be a clash of the titans for sure. Thank you”