Francis Ngannou believes he has a decent chance against heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou has been the talk of the town thanks to his impressive MMA record – in addition to the iron will required to confront corporate UFC overlords. In addition to outright hostility, Ngannou and his manager Marquel Martin faced a number of obstacles including threatening messages presumably from the promotion – in addition to psychological warfare.

Former UFC employee and current CAA agent Marquel Martens received a heinous text on the day of UFC 270 PPV card. The message reads.

“Lets see who gets the last word after tonight you dumb black b****h. The fact that Francis would ever listen to yu lets you know how much of a dumb piece of s**t he is to. After this you will go back to selling suits at Nordstrom you f*****g moron. ”

Francis Ngannou also revealed that the UFC threatened to sue his agent for allegedly having talks with Jake Paul’s business partner. The UFC threatened to sue Francis Ngannou’s agent just hours before Ngannou was set to compete in a heavyweight title fight Saturday night, Ngannou said on the “The MMA Hour.” following UFC 270.

When prompted about the match up, Ngannou simply said:

“I think I can take everyone.”