Francis Ngannou admits ego won’t let him step away from Boxing right now

On Friday, March 8, former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou stepped into the squared circle once more. This time his adversary was boxing icon Anthony Joshua, the top-ranked heavyweight contender of the WBC. The arena of choice was Kingdom Aren, where Ngannou had previously showcased his skills against Tyson Fury. In that match, Ngannou nearly ended up getting the victory in his debut boxing match.

Despite his previous successes, Ngannou faced a setback in this encounter. Joshua’s relentless assault led to Ngannou’s defeat, with a strong right hand sending him crashing to the canvas.

Following this defeat, many anticipated that Ngannou would return to mixed martial arts. However, the contender has different plans. In a recent video on his channel, Ngannou hinted at the possibility of a third boxing match.

He said: “What’s next for me? Maybe a third boxing match. I feel like boxing owes me something now. I have to regain what boxing took out of me. I think my ego will not let me step back and let go of this without doing everything to reinstall and prove to the world that I am the man of this job. I can do it, you know. I slipped, but I didn’t fall. I stumbled, but I didn’t fall.”

“I think if I go back, train, learn from it, and use it as an advantage and experience for my personal growth, I think it will not be a loss. I will be able to reverse it and make it a victory. A life victory. Not only a sports victory.”

Ngannou’s words reflected his unwavering determination. He emphasized his refusal to retreat without reclaiming his standing in the boxing world. Ngannou remained resolute, viewing the setback as an opportunity for personal growth and eventual triumph.

While the prospect of Ngannou’s return to boxing intrigues many, discussions have already begun regarding potential opponents. One name circulating in these discussions is Deontay Wilder, renowned for his formidable punching power. Despite recent setbacks, Wilder’s stature in the boxing community makes him an enticing matchup for Ngannou.

In MMA, Ngannou is expected to compete against Renan Ferreira. He is the champion of the 2023 PFL heavyweight competition,