Former UFC Star Falls Victim To Rolling Thunder Kick

Rolling thunder kick is one of those running jokes in martial arts – but every once in a while it ends up working as this UFC veteran came to learn.

Former UFC veteran and star Ross Pearson being the victim of a rolling thunder kick from Davy Gallon at MTK MMA : Probellum 1 in London, England.

Ross Pearson headlined the MTK MMA card on a welterweight bout right after suffered a TKO loss against Desmond Green and got cut by the UFC back in March 2019. He previously fought in the UFC for a decade from 2009 to 2019.

While the Frenchman Gallon (17-7-2 at that time), were on an effort to enter another winning streak after back to back losses against Abner Lloveras and Daniel Skibiński in two different promotions. He won another fight by KO against Sydney Machado prior to the Pearson fight.

The fight itself went competitively before the KO with both fighters showing a competitive striking exchange. With less than a minute left in the fight, Gallon attempted a spinning kick that failed to land before throwing a rolling thunder kick that left the commentators shocked. “Oh, s—!” shout one of the commentators, “Oh…my…goodness. I don’t even know what to call that”, said the other commentator.

The leaping kick landed perfectly to the English veteran’s skull that instantly put him out cold on the canvas while Gallon jump on to the cage to celebrate probably the biggest win of his career.

Gallon, now fighting in Bellator MMA, advanced to 18-7-2 while Pearson adding another loss to his previously two fights losing streak and fell to 20-17. Pearson never fought again since.

Watch the Gallon’s spectacular rolling thunder kick knockout of Pearson in the video below: