Former UFC champ wants to face Jake Paul and will put his entire paycheck on the line

UFC legend Luke Rockhold is making headlines with his bold desire to face off against none other than the polarizing Jake Paul in a high-stakes boxing showdown. Rockhold is not merely seeking to enter the ring; he’s willing to wager his entire payday on the outcome.

Since venturing into the realm of professional boxing, Jake Paul has become a lightning rod for challenges. He has drawn attention from combatants hailing from various backgrounds.

Whether it’s up-and-coming boxers seeking recognition, former world champions aiming for redemption, or celebrities eager to step into the squared circle, Paul has been a sought-after opponent for all.

But with the exception of Tommy Fury, his boxing record is made up of former MMA combatants transitioning from the cage to the ring.

One of the most prominent figures expressing a desire to take on Jake Paul is none other than Luke Rockhold, a former UFC Light Heavyweight and Middleweight champion. Rockhold previously dabbled in the BKFC and is now eyeing a transition into the world of professional boxing.

In a recent interview with MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu, Rockhold passionately declared his readiness for the challenge.

He said: “I’d thrive in that opportunity, I’d all but promise you that I put this kid to sleep and I put my whole paycheck on it but he doesn’t want to challenge himself against a real fighter. Someone who is gonna bite down and put it down you know,” he told MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu.”

“It’s like with boxing, it’s yeah I mean he did fight Tommy Fury but Tommy Fury ain’t like a legitimate boxer trying to go up the ranks, he’s just doing those show fights, trying to stay relevant in his space but he ain’t a killer.”

As of the current moment, Jake Paul’s next match remains shrouded in mystery. The spotlight has shifted temporarily to his brother Logan Paul who is slated to compete on the PRIME Card on October 14.