Former UFC champ Israel Adesanya calls out woke influencers for failing to define what a woman is

Israel Adesanya has made his questions about his sexuality a part of his personality. Adesanya goes by ‘Stylebender’ on social media and commonly sports painted nails, pearl necklaces and even had hot pink hair for a while.

Previously, Adesanya posted a trolling video online in which he was seen grazing the torso of a young lady at a public event and showing off his nails. There were rumors about his proclivities in the past, and Sean Strickland once called out his love of anime, which Adesanya promoted via an NFT.

Adesanya is often seen sporting unusually long manicured nails, which Jon Jones questioned ahead of Adesanya’s last clash.

But Adesanya’s progressiveness has a limit. He’s a notable opponent of trans inclusion in combat sports, due to how it affects safety and fairness of contests.

Just the other day, Adesanya backed up one of his training partners, Richie Hardcore, after he received backlash for similar opinions.

Now Adesanya’s taken to twitter after witnessing another baffling ‘woke’ moment. In this clip a group of influencers struggles to define a woman and opts to give circular definitions that are ultimately meaningless.

This has become a very sensitive topic considering the implications for women’s sport. USA Powerlifting has been ordered to permit transgender athletes to participate in the women’s division following transgender lifter JayCee Cooper’s victory in her discrimination lawsuit against the organization.

Previously New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard entered the Olympic Games to compete against women in weight lifting.

Transgender individuals have faced obstacles in participating in sports in the past, with several organizations adopting policies that limit or prohibit their participation.

Many people still seek to exclude transgender athletes from women’s sports in particular due to scientifically proven biological advantages going through puberty as a male provides.