Former NFL star thinks he could go the distance with UFC BMF Max Holloway: ‘I’m built for that’

It seems like a professional athlete’s self-delusional confidence has no limits. Former NFL star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco Johnson recently made a jarring statement on the Nightcap podcast. The episode was streamed shortly after UFC 300 and Max Holloway’s BMF title performance over Justin Gaethje on the PPV event.

In the wake of Max Holloway’s impressive performance at UFC 300, Chad Ochocinco posed a hypothetical scenario. He questioned what would unfold if he were to face Holloway in the Octagon.

He said: “Whatchu think would happen if Max Holloway had to fight me?”

Despite being reminded of the vast differences between boxing and UFC by NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharp, Ochocinco confidently asserted his dominance due to his past as a state wrestling champion and his perceived boxing skills.

He stated: “Let me ask you a question. Because I was state wrestling champ in ’82, okay. You know you seen my hands go. I got hands. So at what point do you think Max Holloway would beat me if we were to get in the Octagon? Like, round 1, 2, or 3?”

Sharp went on to say that he would be tapped in “30 seconds” and that he would “put everything I own” on it.

Ochocinco then exclaimed: “So, you think Max Holloway could beat me!?”

He then continued: “You know what? Max Holloway, if you see this, if you have any time—if you have any time during your break, until your next fight—please, let’s spar. Let’s get some footage. I just want to show Uncle Sharp that I ain’t with the bullshit.”

“Please, brother Max Holloway, congratulations, but please!”

To give Chad Ochocinco some credit, he has experience putting his abilities to the test in many fields. The 6′ 1″ Cincinnati Bengals icon has had an amazing 11-year NFL career. In 2014, he spent a year in the CFL. In 2011, he made an attempt to sign with Major League Soccer team Sporting Kansas City.

Despite never having played in an MLS match, Ochocinco joined minor league team Boca Raton FC in 2018 and spent two seasons there.

Ochocinco has also dabbled in bull riding, Dancing With the Stars, and participated in an exhibition boxing match. On the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match versus Logan Paul in 2021, the 42-year-old Johnson entered the boxing ring against professional boxer Brian Maxwell. There was no winner announced after the four 2-minute rounds between the two men.