Former Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua admits he’d get his butt kicked in UFC

Anthony Joshua has been changing a lot of things about his surroundings in the fall out from his loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

The two had a memorable clash in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. Joshua was very affected by the loss and appeared to have some kind of a break down after.

As a result of the loss, he parted with longtime coach and is reportedly often dropping by UFC Performance Institute. Joshua has no plans to switch to MMA, and is simply admiring the facilities.

“Anthony called me and told me what he was doing,” Garcia told ES NEWS. “I understand you know, the way he is seeing things and honestly, I wish him the best. Even if it was me again, I understand they are trying to fight sometime in the spring, having to go to camp in England it was very difficult for me because I know that Jose [Ramirez] is fighting during that time.

“So, I’ve got to train his a*** off to get him ready to fight. Also, Bam [Rodriguez] will be fighting during that time… But it’s not about Virgil Hunter doing a better job, Derrick James doing a better job or me doing a better job than his previous trainer. It’s about him getting out of his comfort zone and not being the boss and doing what he’s told to do in a place where he’s not comfortable.”

He added: “It doesn’t matter who it is, when he comes back, I know they’re going to pick him two or three easy fights so that’s going to make any trainer look good… but it’s a big difference I went in there against Usyk and we still did better than anyone expected.”

And he’s also very aware that boxing and MMA are very different sports with success in one not necessarily translating to success in the other.

During a recent interview with GQ, he shared the following:

“I would get my ass kicked. All credit to them guys, but it’s not my profession. And I’m going to respect them guys who have spent years putting in time, training, grappling, wrestling, stand-up, takedown, and submissions. It’s like them coming over to boxing, I know I would smoke them as well.” (H/T TalkSport)