Floyd Mayweather KOs MMA star Mikuru Asakura

Mikuru Asakura was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather in the second round of their lucrative exhibition.

After his victory against Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather retired with a professional record of 50-0. Mayweather has earned over $100 million from these contests. He easily defeated Asakura, another popular mixed martial artist.

In the early stage, Asakura pawed at Mayweather. However, Mayweather prepared to bide his time. The audience cheered briefly after Mayweather’s well-placed body shot before his left hand whistled by Asakura.

Asakura’s countryman, Tenshin Nasakawa, was knoecked out by Mayweather in 2018 as well. Asakura at least made it through the first round. In the second round, Asakura persisted in pushing but was met with a right hand as retaliation.

Asakura unloaded on the ropes for a moment, and it seemed like Mayweather was worried. However, Mayweather just grinned and moved towards the center of the ring. In the final seconds of the session, the two exchanged punches until Mayweather delivered a right shot behind the ear to knock out his opponent just before the bell sounded.

Asakura was declared out by seasoned referee Kenny Bayless, who then declared the bout over. He separated Mayweather from his opponent for a brief debriefing.

As he commanded the fans to applaud for their boxer, Mayweather stated,

“I would like to thank the whole country of Japan; unbelievable country, unbelievable people.”

Manny Pacquiao, who was there to support Asakura, was also thanked by Mayweather. He continued:

“I’m happy that we were able to give the fans excitement tonight. Thanks for having me, I’ll be back.” Pacquaio had shared the ring with Mayweather in 2015.

After Mayweather’s speech, Pacquiao then entered the ring to square off against his foe.

On the other hand, during the event, a Japanese kickboxer stopped Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard. Jizzy, whose actual name is Ray Sadegh, competed in the co-main event of his boss’ fight against Koji Tanaka. Jizzy was criticized for pushing Asakura during his confrontation with Mayweather, which was considered disrespectful in Japan.

Jizzy, who is said to have weighed 186 pounds, consented to a stand-up, open-weight match versus Kouzi. Kouzi normally competes at 135 pounds but was officially recorded as weighing 144 pounds. Jizzy was said to be participating in his first sanctioned bout, whereas Kouzi had won 31 of his 50 kickboxing matches.