Fighter Irwin Rivera delivers insane post fight speech after being exonerated for attempted murder

UFC fighter Irwin Rivera had his whole life life turn upside down back in January 2021 when he was charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his sisters.

Rivera was released by the UFC and now dealing with a whole new set of issues. The Boynton Beach Police Department charged him with two counts of attempted murder.

Both of his sisters had reportedly suffered stab founds. His older sister in particular was in critical condition with two collapsed lungs. Both were rushed to Delray Medical Center.

According to the police report, neighbors were awakened by banging on their door as a woman screamed, “He’s trying to kill me. Please help my sister.” Rivera, covered in blood, told the neighbors everything was fine and to shut the door before fleeing.


Police search for Rivera lasted for four hours. Once he was found, he stated that a higher power had instructed him to kill his family members.

Rivera’s family stuck by him – attributing his actions to a mental breakdown. He was released from custody 10 months later on the court’s condition that he continue taking bipolar medication in addition to therapy, permanent supervision by family and friends and work toward returning to regular life.

According to court records MMA Junkie obtained Rivera’s manager and Dominance CEO Ali Abdelaziz provided a written statement that pledged to assist Rivera in future work endeavors. Teammates Gilbert Burns and Sean Soriano offered to supervise Rivera during his release and Rivera was allowed to stay in contact with his family.

Fast forward to March 2022. Eagle FC had booked Rivera to fight Firdavs Khasanov. Rivera scored an impressive second round victory via body kick and delivered a post fight speech for the ages. In the speech Rivera thanked his sisters and outlined the hell he faced while incarcerated:

“But more than anything, tonight was very special. This was my first fight. In almost two years or a whole year, I believe.”

“I was locked up for murder charges here in the state of Florida. They tried to give me the electric chair. They told me I was in shed. They treated me like a f–ing animal every f–ing day. And I didn’t break every f–ing day. Motherf–ers talking s–t. making me mad. Maybe we want to hit him. Break him. But the motherf–ers man, I f–ing told myself, I need to work hard. I need to remain calm. And make sure more than anything. I see my little girl when I come out. I have a five year old little girl. She was taken away from me. Bro, my life has been fucking crazy. But I’m still standing. I’m still going strong. And I’m the ain’t going nowhere.”

Post fight interviewer Henry Cejudo asked Rivera what it meant to have his sister corner him after such a gruesome incident.

Rivera shared:
“Oh, it’s everything. That in my own story, like I told you is crazy. You know, Insanity is something that’s very, very real. I tell everybody, what happened to me. Can it happen to anybody? I don’t do drugs. I don’t – I do everything right. Everybody who knows me they know I do everything right. I always do everything right. I don’t have mental drama. I don’t have crazy, crazy s–t. Nothing.”

“I went insane because my mind corrupted me. The mind you corrupt anybody. I didn’t sleep for eight days. And I went insane. And that would happen to anybody.”

“But it happened to me. And I’m here to tell you guys. I live I’m alive. And I’m here to tell you guys insanity is very real. It’s very real. So please, everybody, just please be careful. Sleep is very important. Very inspirational. Everybody. Chill chill. I’m going to you”