Detroit self-defense guru Dale Brown Bamboozles UFC fighter

Dale Brown of Detroit Urban Survival Tactics is really trying to extend his time in the limelight. The worst self defense teacher of all time enlisted the help of a UFC fighter for his latest stunt. The fighter in question is one Joaquin Yuconri Buckley. Buckley is 27 years old and has a 13-4-0 fight record.

Brown can be seen showcasing two ways to deflect a kick – both reminiscent of single leg techniques. He finished off the video with a highly questionable way to apply ankle lock/heel hook.

Buckley can be seen responding to the techniques and not  trying to get one up on the shady self defense coach. Some internet commenters were less ambiguous in their reaction to the video.  One commenter wrote:

“Can you post a video showing these same techniques when on someone who is not kicking slowly”

To which Brown responded:
“No, because people can get hurt.”

Other fans were quick to make a mockery of it:
“Ay bro this ain’t fair he gonna use these op tactics in the ufc.”
“I’ve been saying one of these upcoming fighters need to have u in there corner. After they win and he’s being interviewed about the game plan then u walk up and say Detroit urban survival training ?”

Brown appears to be staying on point trying to push his message – and market his “movement” .

Brown also published several other videos with the same UFC fighter:

This series of videos comes after our friends over at rudevulture exposed some shady dealings in Brown’s past.

Brown also shared his “techniques” with rapper Snoop Dogg recently.

Before that Brown partnered up with some of San Antonio Spurs basketball players and famous martial arts satirist Master Ken.

It’s baffling to see real fans of combat sports engaging with this type of content. Recently it’s been uncovered that Dale Brown has under 2 years of Military experience and that there’s a number of facts he’s embellished about his life. You can check out that coverage at