Ex-UFC star claims he will “disown” daughter if she joins OF

Former UFC star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made stern comments about how he would react if his daughter ever wanted to create content on the online platform OnlyF*ns.

Rampage appeared on a recent Rumble stream with controversial influencer Sneako. During the stream, Sneako asked him what he would do if his daughter said she wanted to do OnlyF*ns.

Sneako asked: “What would you tell your daughter if she ever said like I want to do OnlyF*ns?”

Jackson responded bluntly: “Not my daughter, hell no. My daughter know better. But I understand the question. I would disown her. I would just disown her.”

The 45-year-old former MMA star doubled down on his stance. He then explained that his perspective comes from a place of wanting to have a relationship with his daughter where she feels she can discuss anything with him.

Rampage continued: “I want to have a close relationship with my daughter where she could tell me anything. I would probably be like what are you doing it for? Are you doing that for money? I will give you money. You don’t need it.”

He expressed that for him, providing financially for his daughter is an important responsibility to prevent her from ever feeling compelled to join OnlyF*ns. “If I have to give my daughter money to not do OnlyF*ns, it’s my job to give my daughter money. So she don’t gotta do that,” Jackson stated.

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He went on to call his daughter “the most beautiful girl in the world” and said “she shouldn’t be doing no s**t like that,” referring to OnlyF*ns.

Jackson’s hardline stance appears to be rooted in traditional family values. The former UFC star had his first child when he was just 21 years old. He seems to take immense pride in his role as a father.

Some may view Jackson’s perspective as exerting excessive control over his daughter’s autonomy. Others may argue a father has a right to provide guidance to his children regarding professions he feels could potentially objectify or demean them.