Ex-UFC biter opens up on abuse he’s getting from fans, death threats

Like many aspiring mixed martial artists Igor Severino had dreams of competing in the UFC octagon cage. However, a sudden twist of fate turned his aspirations into an ordeal. The recent events have thrust Severino into an unexpected spotlight, leaving him grappling not just with defeat but also with the harsh aftermath.

Severino’s journey took a significant turn with his promotional debut at UFC Vegas 89. The bout concluded in dismay as Severino encountered his first career loss, marked by disqualification.

Severino was disqualified after biting his opponent, Andre Lima. This was a promotional first and undoubtedly one of the most unusual incidents in mixed martial arts history. In addition, the 20-year-old Severino was subject to further sanctions. He faced expulsion from the UFC and his purse was withheld by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

After the incident, Severino found himself engulfed in a maelstrom of criticism and scrutiny. The newfound attention brought with it a barrage of negative feedback, including threats directed at Severino’s family, intensifying the ordeal.

In a candid interview, Severino talked about the distressing aftermath of the incident.

He said: “They have been going after my loved ones. There have been death threats. My mother doesn’t have anything to do with it. My family doesn’t have anything to do with it. People are acting like I killed somebody like I’m a criminal. What I did was wrong but it was far from a crime. They’re treating me like I’m the worst person in the world.”

Despite acknowledging his wrongdoing, Severino expressed profound dismay at the severity of the backlash, questioning the future of his career.

He continued: “I had my mother call me nervous, crying about people threatening her and saying all kinds of stuff to her and about her. I had to try to calm her down and tell her everything is going to be OK, but how is everything going to be OK? I don’t know if everything is going to be OK. I don’t even know if I have a career after this.”

Igor Severino clearly does not deserve the severe punishment he is receiving, regardless of what happened at UFC Vegas 89. Interestingly, the boxer has now admitted that he didn’t respond with animosity or resentment against his opponent.

Many spectators and fans were perplexed as to why Igor Severino would decide to bite his opponent after the bout was called off. Viewers felt that Severino had won Round 1 and seemed to have a better chance of winning in the end.

Igor described the series of events that culminated in him biting his opponent.

He continued: “I remember everything that was happening until I got hit with something really hard. I watched the video later and I thought it was an elbow. From there, I was on autopilot. I don’t remember anything.”

It seems like Severino was caught by an  elbow and was left clinging to any available support. He fell on his opponent’s arm during this altercation, unintentionally biting him.

While his opponent, Andre Lima, went on to earn a $50,000 ‘Bite of the Night’ bonus, Igor is left without a paycheck and may perhaps lose his chance to continue competing in mixed martial arts.

Notably, Lima offered the competitor assistance as well. He urged the UFC to reinstate him so they could have a rematch. Igor’s fellow debutant from Brazil thinks that his opponent did not purposely act out despite being bitten.