Ex-Mike Tyson opponent Julius Francis knocks out man while working a security gig

Julius Francis has been working as a security guard ever since his retirement. THe famed heayweight boxer boxed against Mike Tyson back in 2000 but now at age 57 he’s proven his skills once again.

Francis has been retired since 2006. He retired with the record of 23-24-1. Footage of the altercation posted on social media shows a group of men arguing while security stands idlily by, outside the venue.

The randy group is herded out of the fenced off area but they continue to confront the staff.

At this point one man turns to leave and is then met by Francis who lands a clean right hand that drops the trouble maker on the spot.

The person filming the incident can he heard saying, “Oh s***” as he hits the ground.

Francis walked away from the incident while the man is helped up by his friends.

“There was no need, there was no need”. another passer by added.

Francis was knocked out in the second round by Vitali Klitschko in 1998 before suffering the same fate against Tyson two years later. He would win just two more fights before losing 14 successive bouts and retiring.

“This could have been handled a lot different by the guard. Despite the guy being provocative, you have no right to just punch someone like that, especially being a guard. People in the comment sections are probably kids or just uneducated adults thinking it was good thing.” one commenter noted.

Another pipped in:
“Stepped up to a man who was mad enough to step in the ring with Mike Tyson, it’s not what I consider a smart move!”

Another joked: “Eddie Hearn will have him fighting [Anthony] Joshua next on DAZN PPV once he gets spanked by [Oleksandr] Usyk. ‘It’s a 50/50 fight!’ At this point [it] probably is.”