Even Alex Jones thinks Ryan Garcia is having a mental breakdown

In a surprising revelation, boxing icon Ryan Garcia recently voiced disturbing allegations of witnessing child abuse incidents at the Bohemian Grove. Engaging in a conversation within the ‘X Space’ chat room with Andrew Tate, Garcia unleashed a rant. He also brought up the controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones during his rant.

Garcia also claimed he was constrained by “higher elites” who compelled him to be a witness to acts of child abuse. Emphasizing the reality of Bohemian Grove, he invited skepticism from the public regarding the credibility of his revelations.

These shocking claims surfaced amidst a flurry of social media engagements by Garcia, raising concerns about his mental well-being. With a world title bout against Devin Haney scheduled for April 20th, the boxing world is now questioning the impact of these revelations on Garcia’s readiness for the upcoming challenge.

In a Twitter video, Alex Jones addressed Garcia’s allegations with caution. Expressing uncertainty about the truthfulness of Garcia’s claims, Jones suggested that it might be indicative of a mental breakdown.

Jones went on to elaborate on his stance, referencing alleged historical evidence of criminal activities in and around Bohemian Grove. Describing the grove as “very sinister” and a “system of corruption,” he acknowledged the potential existence of wrongdoing among some members. However, Jones clarified that not all members might be involved in satanism or child abuse.

Bohemian Grove is a sprawling 2,700-acre campsite on Bohemian Avenue in Sonoma County, California. It serves as the private meeting ground for the men’s-only Bohemian Club. Nestled in a Redwood forest, the retreat boasts trails, river access, and outdoor venues for performances and dining.

Each July, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week camp drawing in influential men from politics, culture, and business. Over 100 entertainment events, performed by club members, along with outdoor activities, contribute to the exclusive experience.

The club’s motto is “weaving spiders come not here” which discourages discussions of business matters within the premises. Despite this, there have been some historical exceptions. This includes the 1942 Manhattan Project planning conference that happened at the campground and helped build the atomic bomb during World War II.