Elle Brooke refuses to box sister for 3rd spot in the Kingpyn influencer boxing tournament

Elle Brooke is an OnlyFans sensation and boxer. She recently experienced her first loss in the boxing ring.

After winning her previous three matches against notable opponents, she faced Jully Poca during Kingpyn’s thrilling event at Dublin’s 3Arena on Saturday night.

Despite her previous victories over Love Island star AJ Bunker, social media personality Faith Ordway, and blogger Ms. Danielka, Brooke encountered a setback when Poca knocked her down early in the first round. Although the 25-year-old made a valiant effort to recover, she ultimately fell short against her Brazilian star opponent.

The ringside judges scored the Kingpyn tournament semi-final bout 50-45, 49-46, 49-46 in favor of Poca.

Additionally, Brooke’s younger sister Emily faced 6ar6ie6 in the following bout and suffered from a decision loss. Due to their loss, Elle and Emily were anticipated to square off in a play-off for third place.


In her tweet, Elle made her intentions clear: she will not engage in a match with her sister in the losers bracket. Instead, she plans to take some time off from the gym, shift her focus towards content creation and travel, and return to the ring when presented with a match that aligns with her objectives.

Earlier, Emily was eager to face her sister in the finals.

She told: “It would be juicy. Me and my sister have had some scraps in the past, people will know that have seen it. It won’t be our first fight and it probably won’t be our last.”

“But I think it will just be toe-to-toe. I don’t think there will be any drama before, I think we would just laugh about it. It would definitely be an entertaining one, we both have a very high pain threshold so it will probably go on a while too.”

On the other hand, Elle appeared less eager about the prospect of competing against her sister.

She said: “I’m feeling good and it’s good to have my sister behind my back even though I hope we don’t fight. But it is what it is. It’s going to be a challenge and I’m here to set out that I am the best pound-for-pound female influencer boxer and that’s why I’m going to do.”