Elle Brooke loses $10,000 despite winning boxing bout

Elle Brooke is a popular Only Fans model and influencer boxer. She won her quarter-final clash against opponent Ms Danielka at the KingPyn Boxing event held at Wembley Arena.

However, Brooke lost a bet she made with her opponent. The bet stipulated that if Ms Danielka managed to reach the third round of their match, Brooke would pay her £10,000.

Brooke was the favorite going into the event, and she was confident enough to offer her opponent the five-figure sum if she lasted more than four minutes.

Despite Brooke’s victory, Ms Danielka put up a strong fight and managed to take the model the five-round distance.

Ms Danielka’s resilience in the ring was impressive, as she gave Brooke trouble in the second and third rounds and even bloodying her nose at one point. In the end, however, the judges awarded Brooke the win with scores of 49-46 in her favor.


Brooke, while happy with the win, was disappointed about losing the bet. Earlier in the week, she had taunted Ms Danielka, saying that if she got past two rounds, Brooke would pay her the £10,000. Unfortunately for Brooke, her opponent exceeded expectations and managed to go the distance.

After, Brooke praised Ms Danielka’s toughness and composure in the ring, saying that she “held her composure, didn’t turn around once, a tough tough cookie.”

Brooke also acknowledged that she has some things to work on before her next fight, saying, “I know what I need to work on now, I’m not perfect. I just hope I can watch that back and be proud of it.”

The win means that Brooke will advance to the semi-finals, where she will face another opponent. Brooke’s sister, Emily, also won her fight at the event, raising hopes that the two sisters may meet in the final later this year.