Eddie Alvarez defends wife after critics evaluate her yelling cageside

Eddie Alvarez faced off against Mike Perry at BKFC 56, a match that ended sooner than anticipated but packed an intense punch within its two rounds. Despite Alvarez falling short in the match, the bout was nothing short of amazing. It left a lasting impression on viewers and fans alike.

During the press conference after the match, the spotlight shifted momentarily to an intriguing aspect of Alvarez’s life – his wife Jamie Alvarez. Seated beside a member of the media during the match, Mrs. Alvarez exhibited outspoken support for her husband.

Reflecting on his wife’s vocal support, Alvarez shared a heartfelt sentiment: “The truth is, when I was nobody at 15 years old, she picked me up from a terrible place and believed in me. So, when she yells, let her yell, guys. She cares, and I have four kids, so let her yell.”

Eddie Alvarez and his wife Jamie

Before rising to fame, Alvarez had a challenging upbringing. His wife stood as a beacon of support during those trying times. Together, they have nurtured a family of four kids – three sons and a daughter.

In the recent BKFC encounter, Alvarez faced defeat against Perry as his corner called off the bout. Alvarez was unable to see through one eye due to the brutal nature of the match.

Still, the two-round match was pretty exciting. Perry was much larger than Alvarez at middleweight (175 pounds in the BKFC).

Alvarez gave Perry credit for winning because of his tenacity. He said during the press conference:

“The guy’s a battle axe. He can take a shot, keep plodding forward, and give him… He reminds me of myself a lot. So, I was fighting a little mirror of myself in there tonight, and Mike was the better man.”

Despite being physically smaller than Perry, Alvarez believed in his ability to secure a knockout with a precise hit. However, Perry’s resilience thwarted Alvarez’s plans. In addition, Alvarez saw Perry as a reflection of himself inside the ring and congratulated Perry on winning.