Early reports detail Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul sold more than 450,000 PPV buys grossing at least $30M

The recently concluded boxing showdown between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, despite garnering 450,000 PPV sales, has proven to be a lucrative venture for both boxers. The two clashed in the ring on August 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, marking Jake Paul’s 8th professional boxing match.

Throughout the match, Paul showcased his dominance, and the bout continued with intense exchanges until the final round, culminating in Paul’s unanimous decision victory. Beyond the match’s outcome, the spotlight swiftly turned to the financial aspects of the event, including the earnings of the fighters.

Jake Paul openly disclosed that he was set to earn $2 million for his participation, while Nate Diaz was guaranteed $500,000. However, post-event rumors circulated, suggesting that Diaz’s earnings could potentially reach an impressive $20 million.

Ahead of the event, Diaz’s manager revealed that the 38-year-old fighter would be entitled to a significant portion of all revenue streams, encompassing PPV sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and gate ticket sales. A distinctive characteristic of this event was the collaborative approach between Diaz and Paul’s promotions – Diaz’s Real Fighting, Inc. and Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions.

Their joint venture involved pooling their earnings, covering event expenses, and subsequently dividing the proceeds equally. Such an arrangement is a well-known practice in boxing but remains relatively unusual in the realm of mixed martial arts.

Recently, Happy Punch promotion, the entity covering the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz boxing spectacle, confirmed that the event achieved a notable 450,000 PPV purchases. At $59.99 per PPV buy, this translates to a considerable $27 million in revenue. The revenue garnered from gate ticket sales also contributed significantly, accounting for an additional $3 million.

Incorporating sponsorship deals and other revenue streams, the overall earnings from this event are anticipated to hover around the $30 million mark. Although this figure is notably lower than the PPV sales amassed during the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury encounter in February, which crossed the 800,000 mark, it effectively solidifies Diaz’s earnings in the eight-figure range.

Importantly, this singular match has rewarded Nate Diaz with a remuneration surpassing his entire earnings from his UFC career. This financial achievement adds another layer of significance to his participation in the boxing realm