Dillon Danis welcomes baby amidst Logan Paul internet feud

As the anticipation for Dillon Danis’ upcoming boxing debut against Logan Paul on October 14 continues to build, the former Bellator star decided to take a brief hiatus from his intense online rivalry.

Known for his outspoken and provocative posts, Danis recently surprised his followers by sharing heartwarming pictures featuring his adorable newborn son.

In contrast to the fiery exchanges and trash talk that have defined the lead-up to the match, Danis’ latest social media posts showcased a more tender side of the combatant.

While details about the child’s mother remain undisclosed to the public, Danis couldn’t help but express his joy as he captioned the post with a simple but heartfelt message: “My first baby boy.”

This unexpected shift in tone comes after weeks of heated exchanges between Danis and Logan Paul. During this period, Danis took to Instagram and other platforms to share posts that were critical towards Paul’s fiancĂ©e Nina Agdal and her past relationships.

The online feud reached such intensity that Danis claimed to have received a cease and desist letter from Paul’s legal team.

Social media buzzed with speculations about whether Danis had managed to get inside Logan Paul’s head with his provocative antics.

Paul himself then took to the popular podcast FLAGRANT to set the record straight. He said:

“No. No. No. Fu*k no. I even said that in the face-to-face. He’s like, ‘You sent a cease and desist.’ I said, ‘What does it say?’ He says, ‘I don’t know!’ I said, ‘Do you even know what a cease and desist is?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know.’ I was like, ‘You’re just saying things? You’re making things up.’ Cease and desist for what? He lied about that.”

“He lied about wanting to go eight, ten, twelve rounds, and he won’t do it. He lied about the bet, lied about me denying Olympic-level drug testing.”

While the Danis-Paul rivalry continues to generate headlines and social media buzz, it’s refreshing to see a softer side of Dillon Danis as he embraces fatherhood with the birth of his first child. The countdown to their highly anticipated boxing bout continues, and fans are eager to see if the in-ring action can live up to the drama that has unfolded outside of it.