Dillon Danis was a no show for his face off with KSI

Dillon Danis was once a promising prospect in MMA and has been reduced to a joke lately thanks to frequent call outs targeting some of the UFC’s biggest stars who have proven themselves time and time again.

Danis underwent two consecutive knee reconstructions and has been out of the mixed martial arts game for close to three years.

In the mean time he’s stayed in the headlines thanks to relentless promotions of crypto projects and being somewhat of a laughing stock for the community.

Danis was even ridiculed by Ariel Helwani after going on his show and trying to convince the audience Jake Paul’s boxing matches are fixed without providing any concrete evidence.

Danis is slowly picking up steam again, thanks to his scheduled boxing debut against UK youutuber KSI.

However that might be under a question mark after Danis failed to appear at the face offs earlier today.

Dillon Danis failed to show up in London for the press conference with KSI, refusing to even join by video link.

Speaking at today’s press conference, KSI said: “In terms of Dillon Danis not being here at the moment I think it’s quite disappointing, disrespectful to me and everyone who’s here expecting him to show up. But it’s not something I haven’t seen before, same thing happened with Alex Wassabi.

“We were meant to fight and he obviously flaked, I don’t know, maybe it’s my presence, maybe it’s just me in general, I’m such a scary guy. I can understand that I’m very disciplined, very focused and if you look at my resume I don’t lose too many times. So, I think for Dillon that’s probably seeping in.

“I know he’s undefeated himself, but I think looking at me in the eyes even when we saw each other in Texas I could tell it was all a facade. He had to pretend that he’s bigger and stronger than he actually is and it kind of shows, him not being here, shows how little he really is, how small his mindset really is. He says I’m not a real fighter but I’m always here, always ready and he is a ‘real fighter’ but he has not made the plane trip to see me. He’s not made even the zoom call to see me, he’s terrified, petrified of me.”

KSI and Danis already had a virtual face to face hosted by Kai Cennat. Cennat ended up ripping up his shirt and going haywire after a couple of verbal jabs from Danis.