Dillon Danis snubs Ngannou: Pull guard on him in two seconds and arm-bar him

Dillon Danis is confidently predicting a hefty payday from his upcoming boxing match against Logan Paul. The MMA figure of controversy recently opened up about his imminent boxing debut, asserting that his earnings from facing Logan will surpass those of numerous UFC champions, with only a select few exceptions.

While Danis is a prolific liar, this might not be too far off from the truth. Nate Diaz is rumored to have secured $15 to $20M for the boxing bout against Jake Paul – several times what he made for the Conor McGregor rematch (rumored to be around $4M)

The much-anticipated return of Danis to combat sports is scheduled against Paul. Their boxing showdown is set to take place on October 14 as part of the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event, hosted in Manchester, England. The bout between Danis and Paul will share the spotlight as a co-headliner, joining forces with the KSI vs. Tommy Fury match in an unprecedented ‘double headliner’ event.

The disparity in earnings between high-profile boxers and most MMA stars has been widely recognized. This trend extends to the realm of influencer boxing, where the likes of Logan Paul command significant attention and financial gains. Therefore, Danis’ assertion that he will outearn the majority of UFC superstars is in line with the lucrative nature of this emerging boxing landscape.

During a recent appearance on the FullSend Podcast, ‘El Jefe’ confidently stated that his paycheck for the upcoming boxing match significantly outshines that of most UFC fighters, excluding only the most prominent stars. When asked about the disparity in earnings compared to MMA, Danis responded:

“It’s a substantial difference… I’m earning more than anyone in the UFC apart from Izzy [Israel Adesanya], Conor [McGregor], and possibly Islam [Makhachev]. I’m definitely outearning Volk [Alexander Volkanovski], and all the others, even though I haven’t fought for four years.”

Beyond his financial ambitions, Danis also made bold assertions about his potential within MMA. In the same podcast appearance, he claimed that he has the ability to defeat renowned fighters like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou in a mixed martial arts bout. His bravado extended to these claims:

“I was interested in the fight against Francis, but he pulled out… In a no-time limit fight?… I’d pull guard on him within seconds and secure an arm-bar… He’d be at a loss… I guarantee it.”

He continued:

“I’m prepared to face any of these fighters… Jon Jones has animosity towards me. [Claiming one can beat Jon Jones] is preposterous. You’re not knowledgeable about fighting, my friend… Why did he block me on social media, then?… These individuals are intimidated by me.”

Dillon Danis previously questioned Gordon Ryan’s claim to greatness due to PED abuse allegations – which is interesting considering his closeness to McGregor, who is still absent from the USADA testing pool.

Danis has been training alongside UFC stars, so he’s possibly taking this challenge more seriously.

Dillon Danis’ confidence and bold statements continue to cement his position as a polarizing figure in the world of combat sports. As his upcoming boxing match against Logan Paul approaches, all eyes will be on whether his actions can match his outspoken claims.