Dillon Danis proposes “best man” bet to Logan Paul ahead of grudge match

Dillon Danis has been savaging Logan Paul online. Paul has limited his replies and is staying out of dodge, while Danis keeps posting pictures of his fiance with various men.

The outcome of their impending boxing match will determine whether Paul will have to bestow the role of his best man upon Danis at his wedding.

Danis is renowned for his association with UFC legend Conor McGregor. As the chosen adversary for Paul’s return to the boxing arena, they are set to collide on the much-anticipated Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card’ scheduled for October 14th in Manchester.

Paul’s former rival and current business partner KSI will co-headline the event as he takes against Love Island star Tommy Fury.

Setting the stage for a personal showdown, Danis has taken to social media to break down Logan Paul mentally. He shared multiple images of Logan Paul’s fiancĂ©e Nina Agdal, in the company of other men.

In his most recent challenge to Paul, the 29-year-old raised the stakes for their match and stated: “Since you want to make bets and you’re so confident you’re going to knock me out, if I win, you have to make me the best man at your wedding.”

Danis’ close friend Conor McGregor was recently challenged by Logan Paul to place a $1 million wager on the bout. He said: “If you’re so confident in your boy, I’ve got a bet for you. I would bet Dillon but he’s a broke b****. I’ve got $1million that says I beat your boy on October 14th. Come on bro, I know you’re caked up. Two dummies, one night. I’m f****ng you both up.”

In January, Danis was set to take on KSI. But he abruptly cancelled the bout after feeling “underprepared” with just 10 days’ notice. Danis believes Paul will be a harder opponent than KSI, but he is concerned that Paul may withdraw from the bout given how personally directed their trash talking has been.

In an interview on the Full Send podcast, Danis stated: “KSI is the easier fight, look at how athletic Logan is. Seeing how personal Logan is taking it, I think his mind is not there. Trouble in paradise as they say.”

“He knows what he is signing up for. This isn’t a f****ng NBA game, this is me and him going to murder each other. He’s talking about stomping my head in front of my family so I can’t mention his wife? KSI went at my mum and all this s***, f*** them. They’re just not real fighters at the end of the day.”

As the intensity of their psychological warfare unfolds, Danis confidently claims that he has the upper hand. He said: “They can’t handle it. There are three ways to beat someone; psychologically, mentally and physically. I’m in his head and apparently he can’t even train right now because it’s driving him that insane. At the end of the day, I’m the only one bringing eyes to this show and hyping this event up.”