Dillon Danis opens up on how Drake’s advice that helped him overcome destructive drinking habit

Dillon Danis candidly discussed his past struggles with alcohol and the pivotal advice he received from renowned musician, Drake.

Danis has always been open about his struggles with binge drinking and excessive partying. Following his last appearance at Bellator 222 in June 2019, he underwent two transformative knee surgeries that abruptly halted his combat sports career.

The aftermath of the surgeries plunged Danis into a tumultuous period. Seeking solace, he turned to binge drinking as a coping mechanism. While battling his bad habits, it appears he got some wise counsel from Drake that really resonated with the Bellator welterweight.

In a recent episode of the FLAGRANT podcast with Andrew Schulz, Danis revealed the impactful counsel bestowed upon him by the chart-topping artist.

He confessed: “The hardest part is, I love drinking… I go to a bar, and I order 30 shots for everybody. I would do it at every bar, order 30-40 shots.”

When questioned about the connection between his drinking habits and knee injuries, Danis responded: “No. I was more of like a sipper. I used to do the fake, like in the club, put my tongue on it every time I would drink. Drake taught me that… He was like, ‘You just gotta know when you have to do your s**t… It’s some of the best advice I ever got.”

Former UFC luminary Jorge Masvidal weighed in on Danis’ recent targeting of Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal ahead of their anticipated boxing match.

Danis is poised for a long-awaited return to the ring in a boxing showdown against Paul. The event will take place on October 14 at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event in Manchester, England. In the lead-up to the bout, Danis directed his verbal onslaught towards Agdal.

While Danis’ promotional tactics garnered attention, he was criticised by some for being too aggressive. However, Masvidal voiced a different perspective.

In a recent interview with Red Corner MMA, he offered his take on the Danis vs. Paul matchup.

Masvidal stated:”I don’t believe in making and bringing wives and children into it, and religion, but that’s not his wife, and she’s the one that puts that stuff out there… If you’re putting that out there for the world to see, and this guy just highlighted that and then made a reel, can you get mad at him? I don’t think so.”