Dillon Danis mistakes Virna Yandiroba for Raul Rosas Jr

Infamous MMA athlete Dillon Danis made fun of Raul Rosas Jr. during his appearance on Ariel Helwani’s show. Danis either intentionally or accidentally mistook Rosas for fellow UFC athlete Virna Jandiroba.

Dllon Danis was best known as Conor McGregor’s bjj coach ahead of Diaz rematch. Even after the two stopped working together, Danis continued being provocative and insulting on social media.

One of his victims is UFC rising talent Raul Rosas., Danis would repeatedly mock him for his appearance. This is particularly distasteful considering Rosas is underage and is literally still a teenager.

The 29-year-old had a beef with Helwani as well but has cooled down a bit. The pair talked about plenty of things and even trolled one another.

But, Danis still had time to make fun of Rosas during his interview.

Danis thought Helwani featured Rosas on his wall – this was instead a picture of UFC women’s strawweight Virna Jandiroba.

“I’ll fight this kid, too. Who is this? This is the kid that, uhh, just fought at 18 years old, right?” Danis said while pointing at Jandiroba’s picture.

Meanwhile, Helwani didn’t really quite catch the mockery. Or, rather, he tried to avoid that conversation. He simply responded “yeah” and got back to the topic.

Raul Rosas made his professional MMA debut last year at the age of 17 years old. He entered the UFC through Dana White’s Contender Series and has competed in the UFC once against Jay Perrin earlier this month. The 18-year-old is still undefeated with a total of 7 wins.

This isn’t the first time Danis made fun of Rosas. Previously, Danis received backlash after posting a video of Rosas interview. But, in that video he posted on Twitter, Rosas’ voice is edited and replaced with a meme type track of gibberish.

Danis posted a meme that Paulo Costa also posted separately.

Danis is 2-0 in professional MMA and hasn’t competed again since 2019 due to injury. He is still under contract with Bellator MMA, but is allowed to box KSI despite that.

He is set to face a famous UK Youtuber called ‘KSI’ in January of next year at the MF & DAZN X Series 004 event.